This book can help any agent who truly wants to become super-successful, fulfill their dreams and give them a life they never thought possible!



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​The trend in the world we live in today for the forward thinking business person is to focus their energy on becoming the best they can be in a specific segment of their career. The medical community for example discovered this nearly a century ago and has done an excellent job ever since of creating specialists in a thousand different areas in the field of medicine. Which has given them ability to take health care to a much higher level than it would have been without having done so.

The real estate industry is no different in this respect; the key to our success is in becoming an expert at just one area. The vast majority of sales agents spend their entire careers floating aimlessly back and forth somewhere between working with buyers and working with sellers and as a result never becoming particularly proficient at either one. 

“Listing Machine” has been written specifically for those salespeople who would like to heat up their real estate career and learn how to become an expert at doing primarily one thing; listing property. Even as a dedicated listing agent, we will always work with buyers to certain degree as they are an essential part of the business, however, the majority of our time should be spent listing property. 

“Listing Machine” can provide a whole new direction to your career by:

  • Assisting you in producing at levels you never dreamt possible
  • Helping you to create an income that you never thought you were capable of accomplishing
  • Teaching you how to take control of your business
  • Improving your skill level, mindset, self- confidence and professionalism
  • Simplifying your life
  • Reducing your work hours

Within this book are the answers to the questions you’ve been looking for and this guide will show you how to create and maintain the right mind set and gives you the skills to get to the top of the real estate game and stay there.



The Ultimate Real Estate Agent has been written with the knowledge and experience of a top salesperson, manager, trainer, coach, mentor, motivational speaker, and author. It`s unique perspectives far surpass any motivational real estate sales book you have ever read. It is based on a considerably different view point than any other book on the market. Today’s industry`s sales trainers, coaches and mentors concentrate mainly on building real estate skills and teach exclusively the “magic formula” for how they became successful. While those skills are a necessity and I have also devoted nearly half the book to it, there is whole other side of the story to be told, which is “how to develop and maintain a winning attitude,”

Our lives move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts, we must continually think about what we are thinking about!   Our current thoughts are creating our future lives.  We really do become what we think about all day long.  If we want to enlarge the vision of our lives, we must first enlarge our thoughts of life and of ourselves.

It doesn't matter how old you are, the amount of money you have in the bank, how successful you are, your level of education, your social standing, this is the answer to what you are looking for; you can finally write your future and be in control of your outcome.

Hands on experience for almost four successful decades as a leader to tens of thousands of sales people in the real estate business has given me direct insight as to exactly where the challenges are in the making of a top producer. The biggest obstacle to success for most salespeople is not so much a lack of sales, listing, closing or prospecting skills, but more so, the lack of the right attitude. Clearly, it`s what going inside of their head that is holding them back. The only difference between a top producer and everyone else is having the right mindset.

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