​​​ENERGIZED!  can help you to overcome a multitude of obstacles from your successful future.  It can help you remove fears and doubts about your abilities to achieve the life that you deserve, help you find something that motivates you enough to commit to it, assist you in breaking free of living an ordinary, mediocre life by giving you the power to change things that are not working for you.  It will help you to improve your self-image, sharpen your vision and redefine your definition of accomplishment.  It will teach you how to make good things happen by use of the proper mindset.

ENERGIZED!can show you how to break free from boundaries and limitations that have been holding you back, and how to handle adversities by building self-confidence through action; create higher expectations of yourself and increase your level of accomplishments; get the upper hand on opportunities, live your life with a purpose and turn dreams into reality.

Within the covers of this book are 75 separate motivational concepts written in such a way as to locate the hot button within you.  Any one of them if put into action can assist you in transcending your life from the mundane to a place of unimaginable possibilities where your desire to be more, do more and have more in your life are waiting to be fulfilled.

From the opening chapter, the reader will be excited and passionate about filling their life with expectation, gratitude, self confidence, desire and motivation.  This in turn helps the reader to build a better image of themselves and visualize new oppotunities unfolding before them while overcoming personal obstacles, failures and setback.  You simply cannot read this book without feeling Energized!


Secrets to Your Success


Dean Robbins

ENERGIZED! will share with you the secrets to winning and how to better utilize your talents, gifts, and resources.  It will help you to take control of your life and point yourself in the direction of success, teach you how to take chances and win, create and maintain a winning attitude, deal with procrastination, develop future ofjectives and set your life on fire like never before.  The material is condensed, direct, to the point, arranged into short mini-chapters and probably the easiest book you have ever read.

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